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Letters With Pooh


I have been designing, writing and producing interactive content for over 10 years. You'll find my resume here. My services include:



Disney Learning's "Numbers with Nemo" - Released in the iTunes App store December 2012 and already spotlighted by Apple as "New and Notable."
I designed and produced this app for Panarea Digital and Disney, featuring animated story sequences and leveled games to keep kids coming back for more.
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“Sara is a pleasure to collaborate with. She is always pleasant and willing to discuss her deliverables with the team here at Nickelodeon, including our educational consultant, and then make updates based on the team's collective comments. I look forward to working with her on more games in the future.” - Rebecca Zelo, Sr. Producer, Nickelodeon


Apps, eBooks, and games that are highly replayable and that we know kids love.

Letters with Pooh


Through Panarea Digital, I designed and produced two Pre-K apps for Disney Publishing's new Learning line. The first app, Letters With Pooh, released in September 2012, was featured in both the "New and Notable" and "What's Hot" sections of the iTunes store and maintained top-10 status for over 6 weeks. Both this app and the next in the series, Numbers with Nemo, teach young children key skills such as tracing and identifying letters and numbers through a series of character-driven games and animated sequences.

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Ziggy's Plate


I designed and produced two apps for this globally popular Pre-K TV show that is all about having fun while keeping healthy. The first app, LazyTown JukeBox, took advantage of the show's rich catalogue of songs and videos. Users can select and sing along to their favorite videos from the show using an in-app purchase system.

The second app, "Ziggy's Plate" is a simple leveled game that uses the iOS tilt mechanism. Kids help Ziggy land his parachute safely in LazyTown, picking up lots of healthy treats and avoiding sugary snacks along the way.

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My Amusement Park


Scholastic hired me to design and produce two games for their handheld series in 2008. They were looking to capitalize on their proven track record as the world's largest children's publisher. They asked for innovative, refreshing designs revolving around an evergreen passion topic for kids and a SIMs game play model.

The first game evolved into "Digging for Dinosaurs." For the second title, "My Amusement Park", I provided initial game concepts, designs and art direction before turning it over for in-house production. The end product successfully meets the challenge of making a familiar but very sophisticated game play model accessible to children aged 5-8. Scholastic eventually released both games for the DS.

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NickJr. Boost


While working with Mighty Play, a creative studio based out of San Francisco, I designed and wrote audio scripts for 4 casual learning games for their client Nick Jr. Boost. Each game, "Dora's Rainbow Fiesta", "Kai-Lan's Picnic Packing", "Dora's Storybook Adventures" and "Dora's Big Game Day" featured leveled curriculum that automatically adapted to the player's abilities.

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Just because it's paper and ink, doesn't mean it can't jump off the page.

Chronicle logo


Chronicle is well-known for their high-quality, innovative and beautiful-looking books. They hired me in the spring of 2009 to manage a range of kids books and kits for 2010, including two titles for Paul Frank, five licensed "Planet Color by Todd Parr" projects, as well as an insightful activity book from the Natural Resource Defense Counsel teaching kids simple methods to preserve and protect the planet. In addition, I edited manuscripts and helped source materials for two craft/do-it-yourself kits and two pre-K board games.

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Tag Product Shot


As an executive producer at LeapFrog in 2007, I led a group of producers, writers, artists, audio technicians and programmers to launch a follow-up reading platform to the LeapPad. Our strategy was to provide a mix of licensed, non-licensed, and classic children’s books. We strived to draw in young readers with elegant activity, art and sound designs. The curriculum addressed early readers at a range of levels, enabling them to read the books in any particular order, while synchronizing the content with LeapFrog’s online Learning Path.

Tag went on to win the Educational Toy of the year from the Toy Industry Association in 2008, as well as a National Parenting award, and a Parents’ Choice silver honor medal.

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Fly Products


This high-risk project delved into a new target audience for Leapfrog. Leading a team of 8 producers to develop a launch year “edutainment” line of products aimed at tweens 8-13, we spent extensive time researching with kids both in the LeapFrog Research Lab as well as in schools and after school programs. We created a line of boy and girl-themed products that featured brand new play patterns, eye-catching art and intriguing licenses such as Fear Factor and the new Batman franchise.

Fly was the Winner of the Toy Industry Association’s Toy of the Year, Most Innovative Toy of the Year, Educational Toy of the Year and a Parents’ Choice Silver honor medal in 2006

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LeapPad Products


I worked on two different series of titles for LeapFrog's highly successful platform from 2002-2004.

“Leap's Pond Magazine”, was ahead of its time as one of the first downloadable content children’s magazines. After helping inform the initial content format, I created a series of reading, math, language, music and science games for the first 5 issues. Leap’s Pond was awarded a prize for “Excellence in Educational Publishing” by the Association of Educational Publishers in 2003

The second project was the “Fiesta” bilingual Spanish-language book series. I worked with author Alma Flor Ada to create characters and story lines that would compliment the games and curricular goals. This best-selling series went on to be translated for the Asian market.



Developing kids apps, games and eBooks with a passion for great products.

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I have been developing, writing and producing interactive content for kids and adults for over a decade. Based in San Francisco, I work with mobile, toy industry, publishing, Internet and advertising clients both locally and remotely. I am passionate about new technology and product formats and making sure the end user will love them, whether that means developing outstanding electronic content or putting things down on paper in a remarkable way. My projects are quality-driven while keeping a strict eye on budgets, schedules and available resources. I believe the best creative solutions evolve from tight constrictions such as budget, technical limitations, target audience etc…

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